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Welcome to Spacious Wings Therapies where I endeavour to create an environment of support, empathy, authenticity, client safety and integrity.

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    Craniosacral Therapy

    Powerful light hands on touch body therapy which engages with the whole of the person to encourage release, rebalancing and the body to heal itself.

    Past Life Regression Therapy with Transformational Work

    A journey into the past using relaxation and hypnoses techniques in order to uncover helpful information and pattern in order to be released.

    Reiki (with Crystals)

    Reiki is a form of universal healing that originates from Japan and takes the form of gentle on body or off body holds to encourage healing. Crystals can be used alongside Reiki.

    Stop Habits Hypnotherapy: Refined Sugar, Smoking & Vaping

    Habit and addiction altering hypnotherapy which taps into the subconscious mind to re-educate and empower the person to make a positive lifestyle change.

    Integrated Empathic Support within all services

    Within all services and contact with Salonee you will receive her personal attention and empathic support.

    Spacious Wings Therapies’ services are not intended to replace medical intervention. It is advised that consultation occur with a medically trained practitioner for diagnosis and when medical attention is required.


    Tel: 07588 873420
    Email: spaciouswingstherapies@gmail.com
    Serving: West London & Hertfordshire


    Facebook Reviews

    • positive review  Sal is a wonderful therapist, I did a past life regression session with her and a 5 week course. She has an incredible nature, energy and beautiful soul. I had so many revelations and breakthroughs. Her aftercare and integration support is invaluable and I would recommend her without a shadow of doubt. She’s incredible! X

      Lou Sawl Avatar Lou Sawl
      March 27, 2021

      positive review  I attended Sal’s past regression sessions in February for 5 weeks. I didn’t know what to expect initially, but i loved it. The sessions have really helped me to be a much calmer person. I’ve learnt a great deal about myself and why things have happened the way they have spiritually! Would recommend Sal to everyone. She is so insightful, friendly and just such a lovely person. Thank you Sal for helping me and look forward to doing more sessions in the future!!

      Devina Mistry Avatar Devina Mistry
      March 26, 2021

      positive review  I did an energy/spirit release with Sal a few weeks ago as I had been dealing with a lot of anxiety, physical symptoms and depression. It was hard for me to be productive or motivated. Already during my consultation with her I felt at ease and well looked after. She intuitively recommended this form of therapy and I had trust in her assessment. The session was very intense for me, but in a good way. Sal‘s voice calmly guided me through the experience and I released 3 spirits within one session! In the next month i went through major transformations in all areas in which I had previously had difficulties with! I now have so much more energy and I really feel like I have released things that were blocking me and holding me back and it’s continuing to this day! Even if you are not spiritual, I have full confidence that Sal can make it work to your benefit! I will recommend her to everyone who is seeking any form of transformation!

      Kim Vivian Avatar Kim Vivian
      February 24, 2021
    • positive review  Spacious Wings Therapies is fantastic!!! Sal’s past life regression therapy is once in a life time and truly magnificent!!!! I have done 3 sessions so far and found them absolutely brilliant. I would recommend Sal as a therapist, she is very helpful and insightful. She truly does take you to another level and can help you heal or help you find messages that are intended for you. With the current times we are living in, many of us need some outlet to help us make ourselves stronger and Sal’s Spacious Wings Therapies is a good starting point for taking care of our mental health. Join now you won’t regret it!!

      Deevya Mistry Avatar Deevya Mistry
      February 22, 2021

      positive review  Past Life Regression, Hands-on-Hands-off Remote body therapy and Cord cutting which I did with Sal over the course of last year (2020). These therapies have helped me release a lot of emotions, forgive and clarity of mind.

      Waheeda Mohamedali Avatar Waheeda Mohamedali
      January 13, 2021

      positive review  Sal Batavia and her Spacious Wings Therapies offers a truly magnificent platform for meditation. Whatever your mind is crowded with (and it is a big old year of much chaos) I implore you to try out her multitude of possibilities and help, from Sal's gentle tones to her deeply thought out meditations programmes, it has worked wonders for me and I highly recommend it! 🤩

      Isaac Vivian Avatar Isaac Vivian
      December 16, 2020
    • positive review  I had the pleasure of working with Sal recently as I needed her services for my online community! She kindly provided me with various mediation videos which she recorded from scratch. They were on the topic of relaxation and self care and my community found them so useful, especially for ones that struggle with meditating! We use them weekly as part of our personal meditation practices and the videos have helped us to connect with ourselves. Sal is a professional who on short notice (my fault!) created these videos for me. She made it stress free for me and was fast in delivering these for my community. She went above and beyond my expectations and was available for members of my community to answer any questions. I would love to work with her again and would recommend her to everyone! Thank you Sal!

      Kaveeta Bhatia Avatar Kaveeta Bhatia
      December 14, 2020

      positive review  I honestly couldn’t recommend Sal enough, I’ve been doing meditation sessions with her and been following the programme she has put together. As a person Sal is so giving and caring and will check in with you and support your journey, with unbelievable warmth. Meditation is something that’s really starting to help me. It’s not something I have done before and connected with in a big way until Sal’s group sessions but I live such a busy life and it’s really helping me relax and be in the moment and process my thoughts. I also feel so much more aware of myself and my body. So Thankyou Sal, your wonderful soothing voice and amazing nature is just wonderful and I’m so grateful for the journey I have been on with you. Thankyou xxx

      Sarah Banks Avatar Sarah Banks
      December 8, 2020

      positive review  I attended a mediation evening which was held by Sal via zoom. the experience was amazing and very uplifting,. Sals voice is so soothing and calming and I would recommend her to anyone that would like to do some mediation. Sal created a positive vibe with her music and voice and I can't wait for her next guided session x🙏

      Sejal Wadhia Avatar Sejal Wadhia
      December 3, 2020
    • positive review  I saw Sal for Distant Healing to help me calm my mind. Having a busy mind results in tension in my neck and shoulder area. Beginning of the session, I could feel some subtle movements in my sacrum and in my head and neck which built up for a release and continued to do so throughout. I felt really relaxed at the end of the session and for the following days. And my mind is clearer as a result. I highly recommend her. Thank you Sal, I am looking forward to my next session.

      Seta Cura Avatar Seta Cura
      November 28, 2020

      positive review  Sal was recommended to me by a friend who had Cranio-Sacral Therapy (pre-covid) from her and had great results. When I got in touch with her regarding a child in my family that was suffering from anxiety and had developed a tik, she was open, honest and understanding. She explained that althiygh she currently couldn't offer face to face appointments, she was able to offer hands on/hands off remote therapy and to be totally honest I was a bit sceptical due to the physical aspect of the tiks but decided to try one session and see if it made a difference. I was blown away by the results of just one session, the tiks reduced by half and after the second session they have practically disappeared. Sal is amazing with them, she is warm and friendly and has a great rapport. I cannot recommend her or the remote therapy highly enough. Thank you Sal x

      Genna Hodgson Avatar Genna Hodgson
      October 5, 2020

      positive review  I decided to join Sal's past life regression sessions during the May lockdown to get myself to dig a little deeper and get in touch with my inner/true self. I had no idea what to expect or how it would make me feel but I thought it may help to uncover some answers to things that I've been struggling with lately. After the first session I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing I felt afterwards that I decided to sign up for 2 more and ended up having a unique and profound healing experience in one of them. On the whole I've come out feeling lighter, happier, more energetic and so much more in tune with myself. Sal has a really peaceful, soothing and reassuring presence, I feel really privileged to have been a part of the sessions and I can't recommend her enough.

      Petia Tzvetanova Avatar Petia Tzvetanova
      August 28, 2020
    • positive review  I have attended some of Sal's Zoom Past Life Regression sessions during lockdown because I figured that if I did some digging into my past lifes I would find some clues to feelings I'm experiencing today. And I did! Sal has such a gentle technique of leading you into hypnotic journey and safely into a past life, giving you the tools and prompts of how to navigate the session safely. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for some answers about things & feeling in your current life. Thank you Sal 💓

      Monica Paslaru Avatar Monica Paslaru
      August 19, 2020

      positive review  I found Sal thru a good friend during lockdown I attended a few of Sal’s past life regression therapy zoom sessions- they are absolutely amazing!!! I had something that had bugged me for years and I finally got my answers which I’m so grateful for, now I understand myself better and that situation. I felt completely safe and uplifted during and after I was floating, thank you so much Sal I’m looking forwards to doing more with you in the future xxx

      Cami Georgina Avatar Cami Georgina
      August 17, 2020

      positive review  Hello beautiful souls It will be unfair if I won’t share my review after achieving such a lovely experience with spacious wings therapies I had few session with sal for PAST LIFE REGRESSION which gave me goosebumps in to three journey with her she is so profound and honest with her work and knows how to particularly get through for what I wanted from her Then one more session I had with sal was hands on and hands off treatment in which my sugar levels wear dropped after session with ease that was really magical for me I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SALONEEs SPACIOUS WINGS THERAPIES at should try once in the life time this is out of words to explain more Thank you so much Kamini Pai

      Kamini Patel Pai Avatar Kamini Patel Pai
      August 9, 2020
    • positive review  Sal is one amazing soul. She has worked so hard at this practice. I am so proud of her. She recently let me join in one of her past life regressions. My only downfall is that I am in the US, so it was hard to plan. Next time I plan this with her I will not do it during my lunch hour. I wanted to have her full undivided attention. This was quite the experience. It was one, very relaxing and it took me on a journey that I had no idea on where I was going. I would definitely do this again but schedule a proper time.

      Nerissa Dhanpat-Singh Avatar Nerissa Dhanpat-Singh
      August 3, 2020

      positive review  Sal made me feel so relaxed and safe in the positive past life regression session I attended. I had an experience that was far more intense and powerful than I had expected, I would definitely recommend coming along to one! <3

      Kat Bt Avatar Kat Bt
      July 19, 2020

      positive review  I attended a past life regression session online with Sal yesterday. Sal has a very calm and soothing voice which made the experience very special. I admire her generosity of offering free sessions and allowing people an insight of what special work she does. Thank you.🙏❤️

      Nina Acharya Avatar Nina Acharya
      July 7, 2020
    • positive review  I have taken part in 2 of Sal’s past life regression therapy virtual classes. I have really enjoyed taking part in the classes and would highly recommend Sal’s sessions. 🙂

      Eloise Mitchell Avatar Eloise Mitchell
      June 28, 2020

      positive review  I have joined Sal’s online sessions and really enjoyed them so much. Sal explains everything really well. Is so kind and calm and her voice soothing and reassuring. Loved the sessions and were so deeply relaxing and beneficial. I definitely want to sign up for more. Very professional. Would recommend 💕 thanks Sal x

      Suzy Randall Avatar Suzy Randall
      June 17, 2020

      positive review  This was my first time doing past life regression therapy. I have now taken 3 of Sal's virtual classes. I found them very interesting, calming and imaginative. I had quite a few lovely strong images come up each time. I have really enjoyed trying something new and would highly recommend having sessions with Sal. She is friendly, professional and a good guide on your soul journey.

      Eleanor Wanless Avatar Eleanor Wanless
      June 12, 2020