Hello & Welcome ... A Little About Me

From a young age I have loved human interaction and connection whether it be with friends or working with other to help them better themselves. The name ‘Spacious Wings Therapies’ came about from the concept of Spaciousness within meditation and CranioSacral Therapy and the vision of a butterfly spreading its wings with freedom and beauty upon emerging from its former caterpillar self. Within all the work I do there is the intention of growth, change, serenity and moving forward. Our ethos is to promote our clients’ ability to relax, release, find relief and transform.

At the age of 22 I graduated with a BA (HONS) in Social Work and spent almost 20 years in a fulfilling career mainly working with young people, children and their families. Social Work taught me a lot about human nature, pain, hardship, and the unbelievable strengths and fight that people are resourced with. The responsibility of the job was immense yet the rewards of seeing many of my clients transform was priceless.

Aged 25 I achieved a Post Graduate Diploma in Person Centred and Existential Counselling and worked in counselling positions with the homeless and those who have experienced domestic violence. Counselling taught me about being present with another without any expectations. I learnt about my own capacity for empathy, kindness, nurturing, respect and fair judgement.

During my Counselling training I realised that the client therapist relationship is paramount and will allow for change, healing and growth to occur naturally through the engagement and the environment of trust and respect that has been created. Several years on I still believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship no matter what type of therapy I am practicing and, that just like every day life, we may need to find that person the we just ‘fit’ with.

In recent years I realised that I was ready for something new where I could employ deeper aspects of myself whilst empowering others. I resigned from my job and took off around many parts of the world as my heart and soul was craving a journey of passion, experience and difference. Whilst travelling my best friend ‘synchronicity’ laid out intended paths and connections that lead me to my other current practices.

I went onto train in America as a Past Life Regression Therapist with one of my idols and current leads in the world of Regression work: Dr Brian Weiss.

Since then I have continued with further studies and am focusing on soul transformational work within my regressions. As well as being the therapist I have received several of my own past life regressions and have identified where many of my own patterns, traits, blocks and health issues stem from.

Receiving my own regressions has allowed me to unburden myself of several years of heavy baggage which felt like it never really belonged, and shone light on new purposes for my soul journey.

My own experience of body therapy as a client lead me to completing an Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology training course. Following on from this I completed Craniosacral Therapy studies and was taught by some exceptional teachers and tutors. This course felt like the next level of my established meditation practice and introduced me to the concepts of stillness, and entrainment. What I found most fascinating was being able to feel and visualise the most subtle movement, vibration within my clients right down to bones, fascia, fluids and organs as well as the various rhythms within and around mine and my clients’ bodies.

In recent years I have expanded my skill base to include Space / Life Between Lives Regression Therapy and was able to apply my Craniosacral Therapy knowledge and experience, to develop a way of treating my clients’ holsticaly from a distance. This latter approach was particularly popular during the CV-19 lockdowns.

I have achieved all my qualifications in classroom / face to face settings with reputable organisations and training establishments. My experience includes being part of the Craniosacral Therapy Association PR Team as a volunteer committee member; and volunteering at a local Hospice offering Craniosacral Therapy to the patients, and occasionally to their carers and the staff too.

Outside my work I love any opportunity to dance or laugh. I regularly do therapy swaps with a practitioners of other approaches to get a broader perspective of holistic therapy. I enjoy doing a random spinning class or jumping on a plane to a stunning place. I love the colour purple and world cinema. My favourite food is watermelon.

I look forward to journeying with you and empowering you to relax, release, find relief and transform.


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