Stop Habits Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Behaviour Modification


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool which can be used to alter longstanding subconscious patterns which can lead to unhealthy habits. Through relaxation, repetition and reinforcement facilitated by Spacious Wings Therapies the client can claim better control in aspects of their lives. This can lead to positive changes in lifestyle which replace old unhelpful habits. When a clear intention is set by the client permanent change is achievable along with motivation to cultivate more nourishing and life-affirming ways of being.

Spacious Wings Therapies offers one-to-one hypnotherapy to target three common unhealthy habits: Refined Sugar – Smoking – Vaping.

Stop Habits Hypnotherapy for Smoking will occur in one sitting lasting approximately 2.5 – 3 hours.

Stop Habits Hypnotherapy for Vaping will occur in one sitting lasting approximately 2.5 – 3 hours.

Stop Habits Hypnotherapy for Refined Sugar will run over a series of 3, 1 hour sessions.

All sessions will include shared audio recordings for further reinforcement and support, along with possible homework tasks. Email support and follow ups will form part of the Spacious Wings Therapies aftercare service.

Hypnotherapy preparation & logistics


Spacious Wings Therapies sends out questionnaires to all clients whom have expressed an interest in this service.

The questionnaire requires completing and returning at least 72-hours prior to the session. It will help establish specific triggers, rituals and behaviours around the habit, and confirm if the client is highly motivated and ready for Stop Habits Hypnotherapy. Additionally clients will be sent a relaxation audio to listen to regularly (not whilst operating machinery / driving) to prepare them for hypnotherapy. Regular listening to relaxation audios prior to and after hypnotherapy sessions may positively enhance engagement and outcome success.

Stop Habits Hypnotherapy sessions are planned to include interview, therapy and de-brief. The pace and depth of the session is dependent on the client’s ability to relax and process. There may be occasions where everything is not achieved in the allocated time, and the client may require further time and support in adapting to their new healthier lifestyle change. For this reason follow up sessions maybe advised.


Clients Will Be Sent An Information & Consent Form To Complete & Return Prior To The Session


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Stop Habits Hypnotherapy: Refined Sugar, Smoking & Vaping

Habit and addiction altering hypnotherapy which taps into the subconscious mind to re-educate and empower the person to make a positive lifestyle change.

Integrated Empathic Support within all services

Within all services and contact with Salonee you will receive her personal attention and empathic support.

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