Sal at Spacious Wings Therapies has been approached by producers from E4 (for a Celebrity Reality Show;) the Producer Molly, from the Paranormal Activity Podcast with TV Presenter Yvette Fielding; and Human Resources at Disney Theatre group (UK) for commissions / collaborations. This has often been to support individuals and groups, as well as for entertainment purposes along with spreading awareness to the wider community.

In addition the International “Asian Voice” Newspaper recently printed two separate articles about Sal from Spacious Wings Therapies unique approach to facilitating Past Life Regression Therapy, and how this approach has benefited many clients. 

All companies have indicated that professionalism, reputation and reviews have drawn them to Spacious Wings Therapies.

Spacious Wings Therapies is in the process of developing an entertainment wellness podcast with guests, in-order to examine and discuss therapeutic experiences and its benefits at a deeper level.

Spacious Wings Therapies is open to further collaborations and commissions from media /commercial companies and celebrities. We kindly ask that this be made by email at:

Me, TV Celebrity Yvette Fielding and her podcast production team photo posing after her Past Life Regression session at my practice.


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