Past Life Regression Therapy in West London and Northwest London Ealing Harrow Ruislip with Salonee Batavia

Past Life Regression Therapy in West London and Northwest London Ealing Harrow Ruislip with Salonee Batavia


Miki E
“For anyone curious in exploring past life regression I can highly recommend Sal. Sal is very professional and I felt held and safe throughout the entire process. For me the purpose of the past life session was to find out why I was experiencing a very specific fear that was holding me back in this life. I explained this to Sal and she set a very clear intention to address and resolve this fear within the 90 minute regression. I was amazed at how quickly I went into my past life with Sal’s gentle and comforting voice guiding me through. She guided me from the birth all the way through to death and at each stage she would ask me things like how old are you now and where are you and I could answer my age and location immediately which I found incredible. There was a very difficult part of the regression which made me a bit anxious as I had to release some strong emotions but Sal knew exactly what to do and say to help me through. The transformational part at the end was very liberating and I felt lighter and freer. I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to get to the root of by fear and transform it in only one session but we did. I was impressed at how she used her skills as a body worker/ energy to help the body to release strong emotions from my past life. Immediately after the session I wasn’t sure if I felt different however by the evening I felt stronger and more confident and as if I huge weight had been lifted. Sal explained that sometimes after a regression you can have lucid dreams and visit other past life places. Last night I dreamt I was in a beautiful elephant sanctuary and when I woke I remembered seeing a sign post with George on it. When I googled I found out it is a place in Cape Town which I didn’t know. Sal thank you very much and I am definitely interested in hypnosis to help with my life long sugar addiction 🙂 “

Rebecca C

“I would highly recommend Sal and her treatments! They are amazing!! I wanted to try Past Life Regression to see if it could help me with an underlying problem I have suffered with for many years. I also wanted to have Craniosacral Therapy to focus on my tinnitus and for relaxation. When I first met Sal, it felt like we had been friends for years! She is such a beautiful soul who is very good at what she does! She made me feel calm and comfortable throughout in her lovely treatment room! The regression was very interesting and explained why I have been having certain issues in this life. It has given me closure and I am already starting to notice the benefits of the Regression. The Craniosacral Therapy was lovely! I could feel energy moving around my body duing the treatment and I felt relaxed and rejuvinated after. I have noticed my tinnitus has lessened as well! Thank you Sal for giving me such a wonderful experience ❤”

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