Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) 

Have you ever wondered why you are you? If, maybe, the explanations go deeper than nature and nurture? Ever tried to understand and heal a part of your body, character, emotions or behaviour patterns without joy? Are you curious about your soul before you were born?

Many religions and cultures worldwide believe in an evolving soul that is re-born many times in order to learn, develop and transform. PLRT is a powerful process where the client takes a journey into the past which can help in identifying parallels between lives and gain wisdom.

PLRT & Healing

PLRT can help to resolve present life difficulties, and can give clarity and resolution to current issues, patterns, ailments, fears, phobias, habits and trauma. This process can be invigorating, exciting and hearty. Sometimes revisiting, gaining insight and understanding about something old and familiar allows us to make peace and simply let go. This can allow something new to grow.


Spacious Wings Therapies is now offering INNER CHILD REGRESSION TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY which works similarly to PLRT however focuses on significant early (childhood) events in the current life. Clients are supported to heal, embrace and reintegrate their wounded child and let go of what no longer serves them. Please enquire to learn more.

What To Expect From Your Therapy Session


The process occurs with the use of relaxation and hypnotic techniques which allows the client to travel through a past life’s important events, meet its characters, seek wisdom from guides, receive healing and take life / soul lessons forward to the current life to help transform it.

Having PLRT with Spacious Wings Therapies is a whole mind-body-soul experience where energy, movement, sound, speech, thought and desire will be encouraged and integrated into the process. All sessions start with a clear intention which assists the client’s subconscious mind to select the appropriate past life to journey to.

PLRT preparation & logistics


Spacious Wings Therapies sends out regression questionnaires to all clients whom have expressed an interest in this service. The questionnaire requires completing and returning at least 72-hours prior to the session. It will help establish areas to work on and also confirm if regression work is suitable at this time. Additionally clients will be sent a relaxation audio to listen to regularly (not whilst operating machinery / driving) to prepare them for the regression. Regular listening to this is likely to enhance the regression experience, the client’s ability to relax as well as improve sleep patterns.

PLRT sessions are approximately 2.5 hours. The general process includes interview, regression, transformational work and de-brief. Although many clients feels satisfied with one session outcomes, there may be occasions where additional sessions may allow clients deeper exploration on their chosen theme and may be advised upon. In addition further sessions may be beneficial where the client requires more time to regress, or connect to the experience and work through this. Follow up sessions are at the client’s discretion.

Clients are able to opt for the additional specialised service of receiving a session recording and brief written summary of significant information.

Spacious Wings Therapies looks forward to journeying with you.

Video Testimonials are available on my YouTube Channel from Regression Clients:


Clients Will Be Sent An Information & Consent Form To Complete & Return Prior To The Session


Craniosacral Therapy

Powerful light hands on touch body therapy which engages with the whole of the person to encourage release, rebalancing and the body to heal itself.

Past Life Regression Therapy with Transformational Work

A journey into the past using relaxation and hypnoses techniques in order to uncover helpful information and pattern in order to be released.

Reiki (with Crystals)

Reiki is a form of universal healing that originates from Japan and takes the form of gentle on body or off body holds to encourage healing. Crystals can be used alongside Reiki.

Stop Habits Hypnotherapy: Refined Sugar, Smoking & Vaping

Habit and addiction altering hypnotherapy which taps into the subconscious mind to re-educate and empower the person to make a positive lifestyle change.

Integrated Empathic Support within all services

Within all services and contact with Salonee you will receive her personal attention and empathic support.

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