Past Life Soul Group Soul Journey Group in London and Worldwide

Past Life Soul Group Soul Journey Group in London and Worldwide

On Tuesday 2nd February – Tuesday 2nd March at 8pm UK time, the Positive Past Life Journeys of the Soul Remote Group Series returns for a 5-week run. Each week will have a different theme and our aim will be to travel back to a Positive Past Life to support PRESENT LIFE  insight, growth, healing and the opportunity for letting go and transformations. Some of the sessions will incorporate body therapy as part of the holistic regression experience. This may especially appeal to the body therapists out there.

Unlike previously, this series will run as a closed consistent group experience with a space for attendees to make optional shares, ask questions to support growth and insight over each week. I will be gifting each attendee with a free guided relaxation MP3 to keep which can assist with calmness, sleep and enhancing the past life experience. If you are unable to make a session I will make an audio recording of the guided journey especially accessible to you for a few days so you do not feel like you have missed out. Your investment in the whole 5-week series is £65. 🌟

The group was introduced in May 2020 and ran with great success for 3-months. To see what many previous attendees said please see  Google testimonials:

Due to the intimate supportive nature of this group spaces are limited, so please contact me at the earliest opportunity to request a registration form. No experience in regression therapy is required; just an open heart, mind and willingness to work with the imagination and subconscious.

Sal Batavia
Regression Expert Therapist
Craniosacral Therapist

Harrow -London – West London – Watford – Ealing – Ruislip – Cambridge – Cambridgeshire – Hertfordshire – Herts – Healing – Ancestral Healing – Group Journeying Facilitator – Worldwide – Online – International Therapist
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