Pricing & Details

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) & Remote / Distance ‘Hands-On Hands-Off CST Body Therapy’:

  • Remote ‘Hands-On Hands-Off’ CST Body Therapy: £47 / £57 (assessment session)
  • Remote Body Therapy Bulk Buy x 5: £225 / £235 (inc assessment)
  • CST session: 50-mins is £55; 80-min is £80; 110-min is £105
  • Bulk buy x 5 CST (50-min each): £260

Each session time includes treatment and pre and post consultation. The initial session includes an assessment and treatment. 

Past Life Regression / Inner Child Regression / Unhelpful Energy Attachment Release Therapy

  • 2.5 hour (online) & audio: £163
  • 2.5 hour (face-to-face): £170
  • Over-run fee: £30 per 30 min
  • Audio recording & summary write up: £20
  • Bulk buy x 3 (2.5 hour sessions): £480

Stop Habits Hypnotherapy:

  • Stop Smoking (approx 2 – 3 hours): £220
  • Stop Vaping (approx 2 – 3 hours): £220
  • Stop Refined Sugar (x 3 sessions, 1 hour each): £220
  • 1 hour session: £70


  • 70 minutes session: £60
  • Reiki with Crystals: 70 minutes: £70

Each session time includes treatment and pre and post consultation. The initial session includes an assessment and shorter treatment than subsequent sessions. 


Please contact me to discuss


Spacious Wings Therapies will only confirm the booking upon receiving advance full payment for the chosen treatment / package, and that this will be made no later than 72-hours prior to the appointment. Advance payment ideally to be made by Bank Transfer or Revolt payment link. Additional fees may apply for Card / Stripe payments. Bank Transfer to be made to:

NatWest Bank
Account Name: SA Batavia
Account Number: 50638238
Sort Code: 60-70-05


Home-visit treatment requests will be considered on an individual basis. There will be occasions that Spacious Wings Therapies may not be able to fulfil this. Home-visits will incur additional costs dependent on travel time, distance & accessibility; starting from £15.


Since CV19 much of my practice is successfully & safely occurring online via Zoom as well in-person.  All treatments are available in both formats. Working online allows me to work with clients from around the world and in different time zones, and allows a more affordable and convenient option to many of my clients.

At present my primary ‘in-person’ practice bases are: London – Hitchin (23 minutes train from Finsbury Park) – Hertfordshire. Free Parking and public transport links are easily accessible from all bases.

Client Cancellation Policy:

Spacious Wings Therapies has a 48-hour cancellation policy for sessions; and that notification are to be made by Phone Call or Text message. If cancellations are made less than 48-hours in advance of the session this will result in full charge. Any session changes that are made in accordance with the cancellation policy will be re-booked or refunded.


Please be aware that if you arrive late for a session, Spacious Wings Therapies may be unable to provide the full duration of the service due to subsequent appointments that are booked.


The relevant DBS / police check has been completed to support Spacious Wings Therapies work.

Salonee is a registered Member of both the Craniosacral Therapy Association UK & the Past Life Therapy Association UK. Salonee has obtained all her qualifications in classroom / face to face settings.

Important Information:

Spacious Wings Therapies’ services are not intended to replace medical intervention, and that it is advised to consult with a medically trained practitioner for diagnosis and when medical attention is required.