Inner Child & Current Life Regression

Early life events, childhood trauma, relationships, dynamics, stresses and circumstances can directly contribute to the internalised beliefs and perceptions we form about ourselves, others and the rest of the world as we grow up. These may impact upon how we feel, behave, think, present or express ourselves into adulthood. When the beliefs are limited or critical they may present as blocks, repetitive cycles, unhelpful patterns and self-judgement, which may hold us back from flourishing to our full potential and happiness. Often these can play out in:

Relationships and Trust

Conflict and Stresses

Sense of Safety


Goals Dreams and Aspirations

Addictions and Phobias

Self-Esteem, Confidence and Self Belief

Stress Physical Symptoms

Current Life and Inner Child Regression Therapy could be seen as a way to go to the root of where and when the limiting beliefs / perceptions / critical thoughts were formed, with the aim of unpicking, reframing and releasing these and addressing any unresolved childhood trauma. This could be viewed as a transformational process which may potentially lead to a more healthier, happier balanced outlook and sense of being through fresh adult eyes. This in turn may help to flourish and grow whilst feeling unburdened and freer.

Within sessions work occurs with a clear intention based on the client’s presenting needs to help steer the session. Within such a session the ‘adult’ and ‘young / child’ aspects of the client may come together to make peace, support and resource each other to fully integrate as a whole. 

Some of my clients have described Current Life and Inner Child work as empowering, unburdening, powerful, freeing, revealing, energising, manifesting,  and a new beginning. Inner Child Regression sessions can be done as therapy online as well as in-person.

Alongside Inner Child work I often recommend that my clients read the excellent book Homecoming by John Bradshaw.


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