‘Sugar sugar oh so sweet oh so Poisonous’

‘Sugar sugar oh so sweet oh so Poisonous’


How many of you worry or overthink your sugar consumption? Have any of your family members expressed their concerns or even your GP? Maybe you are diabetic and have been told to cut it out. But this is easy said than done!
Esp as some sweet and refined carb foods may provide you with that instant gratification feeling (which then often reverses to guilt regret and a sugar drop shortly after.)

The fact is refined sugar is addictive and it’s in so many things we buy and consume. Some call it the legal poison of the modern day. So many of us don’t even realise the extent of our sugar cord until we find it hard to say no or pull away. There are of course plenty of healthy sugar substitutes which can help manage your sweet desires, social occasions and happiness. (I don’t know about you but a desert always makes me smile).

For me though it wasn’t enough to have a load of substitutes, as I wanted to feel empowered and free around sugar and refined carbs. I needed to cut the cord and it’s oppressive hold over me. That is when I had Hypnotherapy for my intense relationship with sugar. It took me only 3 sessions to reprogram my thinking and beliefs around sugar, manage and understand my emotions better and cut the cravings. I finally felt I had a hold over it! Infact I didn’t even flinch when the desert menu was given out at the restaurant shortly after. This was as I now knew and deeply felt the secret to my greater happiness and health was not on that menu. (Plus I had a yummy healthy sugar free cake at home to consume with a mug of masala chai. I can proudly say this cake was being eaten calmy over a number of days unlike the past when it would not have made tomorrow).
I wonder if any of you identify with my story and want to also be free from the sugar grip?
Well why not contact me to discuss Stop Habits Hypnotherapy for Sugar? At Spacious Wings the focus is placed on transformation thorough empowerment and rapport. I would love to help you meet the sugar free you.

For more information and promising testimonials please get in touch.

Our aim is to support your transformation from the start to finish ✨🌺🔥🦋

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