Regression Therapy & Group Journeying Experience

A surreal, magical and quite literally unbelievable experience. I visited Salonee for a past life regression and her warm and friendly nature put me at ease immediately. The session I believe has helped me to find deeper clarity and peace and to keep going strong on this journey. Would highly recommend Salonee and her services to any wilful seeker.

Arjuna S Past Life Regression Therapy

My daughter had a past life and in-between lives regression with Sal a few months ago.
It has most certainly helped her.
She tells me every time I visit how she now has no pain in that area of her body and is now able to go to sleep without fear of her reoccurring nightmares she had nightly for as long as she can remember.

My granddaughter then went for Craniosacral therapy for other reasons and some of her symptoms have certainly been alleviated after not only the first session but the second with Sal.

Highly recommend Spacious Wings Therapies.

Daphne E Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression

"Last Wednesday I joined the online group “Positive past life session” and the experience was excellent. Thanks to Salonee’s voice tone, I got relaxed in a few minutes and experienced a regression. You can feel the affection and professionalism of Salonee in every word she says. Thanks very much”

Ruben P Group Soul Journeying Workshop

I recently had both a past life and Inter-life session with Sal, both were incredible! Her skill, intuition and warm personality really helped me to open up to both experiences. If you are looking for answers or insights about your current life, an Inter-life session with Sal will definitely provide that. She is by far one of the best regression therapists I have come across. I highly recommend her and all of the therapies she offers.

Debbie E Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression

I had a most profound and enlightening adventure when I chose to enjoy Life between Lives Regression work with Sal. It was a beautiful and calming journey that took me back to past life on the first visit, followed by a between-life on my return visit. The whole experience lasted several hours and I loved every minute. I have enjoyed many different complementary opportunities throughout my life and this one lands high on my list. For anyone considering their next step, I would suggest this is a must-do project

Emrys S Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression

I saw Sal for her Space / Life Between Lives therapy, which included two sessions and lots of guidance before and after each session! I can really recommend Sal for this, she's incredibly diligent, responsive, intuitive and helpful throughout the process. The Space between Lives therapy helped me get an all-encompassing view of why I'm here (in this life), what my purpose is and the background to that purpose. I walk away feeling like I've received confirmation of what I already knew deep down inside, but now it's more clear than ever. Thank you so much Sal!

Lena O Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression

Recently I had a Life Between Lives session with Sal. It was done in two sessions. During the first session Sal took me to my most recent life to find out the root of my blocks in this lifetime. And the second was to release, heal and make peace with myself and everyone involved with the guidance of wise beings. Sal was very professional, knowledgeable, calm and present, patiently guiding me and helping me feel safe at all times. What I saw in my past life resonated so much with my blocks in this lifetime which was really helpful to take the necessary steps to release them. The connection and the advise I received from the wise beings in the second session was so clear and heartwarming. It was surprising how clear the messages were. Whenever I was unable to see, Sal guided me with the right questions and guidance to the right place. The outcome of the session was so vast, fruitful and healing that I will reap the rewards in the months, years to come. I highly recommend Life Between Lives session and working with Sal.

Seta C Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression

I had a Life Between Lives Regression session and a Past Life Regression session with Sal at her practice in Hitchin, Hertfordshire two months ago.

I wanted to leave it a while before leaving a review because quite honestly it has been life changing for me.

I had no concept of what was to happen during the sessions and felt a little nervous at first but upon speaking with Sal prior to the first session I immediately felt that this was for me and totally at ease.

Sal sent me an audio relaxation video a couple of weeks beforehand that really helped me relax. I listened to it whenever I had a spare fifteen minutes in my busy schedule and I believe it helped me to relax to a much deeper state during the sessions than had I 'not' listened to it.

The setting was all very peaceful and Sal's calming gentle voice led me to the most amazing, overwhelming journey and experience I have had.

I'd had a reoccurring nightmare for as long as I can remember and also a persistent pain in one part of my body that I had no explanation for over 25 years prior.

I visited the reasons why in my sessions and don't know how...but I came away pain free and no longer have the nightmares.

I cannot thank Sal enough for this wonderful experience. I highly recommend Life Between Lives/Past life regression.

Many thanks Sal. I cannot thank you enough

Samantha E Life Between Lives Regression & Past Life Regression

A wonderful experience working with Sal, she really puts you at ease and has a keen eye for detail. Very professional, powerful and clear session, highly recommended to anyone looking for a session around past lives, such an eye-opener. Thank you once again…"

Manish G Past Life Regression Therapy

I have now attended several of Salonee’s remote past life regressions and I am hooked! I highly recommend to anyone who even just has a little curiosity on the subject, because the sessions are remote right now they are within everyone’s reach, and you won’t be sorry! There is no downside even if you don’t manage a past life journey you will get very deep relaxation! Salonee is such a lovely warm person who makes me feel very safe during these sessions. The journeys I have been on have been amazing, and I feel at peace and more self aware after each one. So much so I feel that these journeys have opened me to listen to my intuition and helped me to make some life changing decisions that were very much overdue. I am already signed up for July and am so excited to open up further to hear what my soul wants me to know. Thank you Salonee for your guidance on these journeys. You are a wonderful person.??

Sue R Group Soul Journeying Workshop

Thank you Sal. I had always been curious to attend a positive past life workshop. The yurt was a super venue and all the participants were welcomed into the calm, peaceful space with love and generosity. As a newcomer to this, I was a little apprehensive and Sal had been wonderful at keeping in touch prior to the session to reassure me. I needn't have worried; the journey, guided by Sal was an experience that I would certainly like to repeat. At the end, each person had a different experience to share. No matter if you are new to this experience or have been guided previously in groups or 1:1s the equity that Sal brings to the workshop makes everyone feel welcome and their experiences valued. Thank you Sal.

Emma C Group Soul Journeying Workshop

Sal is a beautiful breath of fresh air and her practice resonates love and light in every way.
I’ve known Sal in a friendship capacity through mutual friends and spirituality is something we have very much in common. When Sal reached out to me it seemed like it came at exactly the right time so it was a no brainer to finally get to take part in her past life regression practice – I travelled a lot for work so was never home for much time.
All the sessions attended had a wonderful energy about it. What I loved the most was that regardless of how many sessions you have taken part in, Sal welcomed all newbies with a wonderful overview and assured everyone there was no right or wrong way to do these sessions and that it was as easy as affirming to yourself the sessions are doing their job.
I wont go into the intimate details of my experience however what I can tell you is I experienced sessions when I struggled to keep my eyes or mind still, others I went so deep I am certain I may have fallen asleep however I can recall the entire session, others I saw incredible detail and some not so much… however the proof is in the pudding and what I can tell you is following her sessions, I found my motivation, I found I started to use less painkillers (I suffer from constant body aches) and I can easily calm myself down with my breath now and we’ll all round I just started to love myself again.
So, whether you are advanced in your spiritual or non-spiritual growth, or have never done anything like this before but feel you need a little something in your life I cannot recommend the lovely Sal more to walk you through your journey. XX

Kerry D Group Soul Journeying Workshop

I had a lovely remote session with Sal in June this year. it was in a group and non interactive but still managed to take a lot from it. It was connecting to my past life and even though I was never sure whether I believe in this or not I was mostly curious to try it with an open mind and heart. I do not regret it. Sal used great hypnosis techniques and I don't think I've ever been this relaxed and lost complete track of time in the experience - thought it lasted for 20-30 minutes but when I looked at the clock it was well over an hour. Also I felt/saw certain things that give me reassurance there is something greater than our physical selves and opened my heart to explore this further at some point again. Thank you for the experience Sal ??

Martina G Group Soul Journeying Workshop

I came across Sal’s details on FB, in a group called Harrow Health Matters. Reading some of the reviews, one woman’s feedbacks particular jumped out to me whereby she mentions that Sal helped bring out the warrior in her. And it took off from there.
During the 1st lock down, Sal introduced Positive Past Life Journeys of the Soul - Group Series. Of which I attended all of them. Twice when I have tried to PLR before, it has never worked for me as I would start fidgeting. With Sal, I managed to sit still not only for the whole duration! I also got a glimpse of one of my PL’s ?
Later on in the year (2020), I did another session of Hands-On-Hands-Off Remote Body Therapy session with Sal. It was an amazing experience. I had a calm feeling come over me and I also noticed synchronicities starting to happen in the days that followed.
Lastly yet not least in any way, before the year ended, I did Cord cutting with Sal which was intense and she was quite thorough. I felt drained emotionally after the session. And in the coming month, I have been able to not only release pent up emotions yet also forgive.
Her work does not end there, for she follows up to check in on our progress.
Sal’s work and approach is different, with PLR as well as Cord Cutting and I am sure to other services she offers. And therefore, this is the reason why she and her work resonate well with me. It just works ?
If you are looking for a different approach, a different way to move forward in your life, to release what no longer serves your personal growth, then I highly recommend Sal.
Waheeda ?

Waheeda S Group Soul Journeying Workshop - Cord Cutting

I participated in a 5 week past life regression group with the wonderful Sal and found deep insights which connect to my current life circumstances. Having connected with some details of past lives helps me to gain a wider perspective and understanding of certain aspects of my current life. How magical the themes of my past lives related with the challenges I face currently!
Sal was very supportive throughout and I loved being in her group. I highly recommended for anyone to do this at least once in their life!

Martha E Group Soul Journeying Workshop

I went to spacious wings for past life regression. I was initially new to this treatment, but Salonee was super helpful in getting me prepared for the work, and in answering any questions I might have over the process. The work itself was life-changing - I've tried various therapists and healing work over the years, but none was as effective and soothing at getting to the heart of my issues as the sessions I had with Salonee. If you want to get a hold on the cycles and patterns in your life that you feel are holding you back from being your true, authentic self - call Salonee.

Sim G Past Life Regression Therapy

I had a past life regression to treat my anxiety, this experience has been mind blowing!
I went back to a past life that make so much sense to me in the way I am living my present life.
I am still amazed how quickly I opened up during the session!

Sal has a very calming voice and is v intuitive and really makes you feel at ease.

I am very grateful to have had such amazing experience?✨

Fadila Past Life Regression Therapy

The group regression was absolutely incredible with Sal. I was a little apprehensive as to whether I would be able to experience a regression but Sal took us very deep and I slipped into it no trouble. It was a truly profound experience to be taken forward in time, something I had never conceived of. Sal was professional the whole time and gave all members of the group personal attention throughout. I will be going back for more without a doubt. Thank you.

Steven G Group Soul Journeying Workshop

" I have taken part in two of Spacious Wings Therapies amazing past life regression journeys, the experience helped release and heal a mental block for me with my artwork which I have had for absolute years, her session released fear and lack of confidence which was holding me back, its been 9 months since my first session with Sal and Ive now sold over 850 commissions and that is a testimony to Sal and evidence of how transformative her work is. I would highly recommend Sal's sessions to anyone with a open mind and wants to manifest change in their life."

Ben C Group Soul Journeying Workshop

"Spacious Wings Therapies is fantastic!!! Sal’s past life regression therapy is once in a life time and truly magnificent!!!! I have done 3 sessions so far and found them absolutely brilliant. I would recommend Sal as a therapist, she is very helpful and insightful. She truly does take you to another level and can help you heal or help you find messages that are intended for you. With the current times we are living in, many of us need some outlet to help us make ourselves stronger and Sal’s Spacious Wings Therapies is a good starting point for taking care of our mental health."

Dee M Group Soul Journeying Workshop

"Sal guided me through a very profound and meaningful session - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. She took lots of time to speak with me and explore my intentions to help ensure I got the most from my time. Incredibly professional yet also personable and open - just the practitioner I'd been looking for.. I just wish I lived a bit closer, but it was worth the journey?✨"

Sarb K Past Life Regression Therapy

"I would highly recommend Sal and her treatments! They are amazing!! I wanted to try Past Life Regression to see if it could help me with an underlying problem I have suffered with for many years. I also wanted to have Craniosacral Therapy to focus on my tinnitus and for relaxation. When I first met Sal, it felt like we had been friends for years! She is such a beautiful soul who is very good at what she does! She made me feel calm and comfortable throughout in her lovely treatment room! The regression was very interesting and explained why I have been having certain issues in this life. It has given me closure and I am already starting to notice the benefits of the Regression. The Craniosacral Therapy was lovely! I could feel energy moving around my body duing the treatment and I felt relaxed and rejuvinated after. I have noticed my tinnitus has lessened as well! Thank you Sal for giving me such a wonderful experience ❤"

Rebecca C Past Life Regression Therapy

"In the past month, I’ve came to Salonee For help, as I needed to release something I wasn’t sure of what it was exactly. She suggested that I could go thru a 3 week course, which would happen every week for 3 weeks. I’ve agreed and on my first week, it was all about finding out my energy, what I feel and whether the energies I deal with on daily basis is just “me” do you sometimes got that feeling it’s not you? That exactly what Sal did for me in the first week, I found the reasons to my mood swings and feeling low. She helped me remove those energies that doesn’t belong with me! For the past few days after this, I was sad as I felt something is missing, but it was good sad !! As the next week gone, and it was almost time to see Sal again, I felt happier, woke up fresher and could do my work and focus on my work with more joy. However sadness was still there. The 2nd week Sal and I did past life regression. This was tough work, but I see to have no problem revealing my past to her as she sent me into “trance” where I could feel relaxed enough to share all with her. At the end of the session, I just could not stop smiling, don’t even remember what I said most of time but Sal ensure me that it is completely normal to feel this way. The next few days,things started making more sense and I got courage to do things I haven’t before, like approach an old friend , forgive someone or let go. The last session we had was “inner child” and I have to say, it was not easy! Defensive mechanism was turn on strong, but Sal had the ability to break through me, it wasn’t an easy one and I felt confused after what just happened. It’s about 2 weeks now after my last session and I’m starting to see things more clearly, I wake up energised and focused. I don’t see life as bad and certain problems anymore, I analyse the problem and act on it. Sal also has an amazing audio hypnosis record, which is very helpful if you need to calm down and relax, or just to help you breath. I’d recommend her healing services with passion. I’ve tried other things, even medication and gurus, but if there’s an underlying issue in you, that needs to be released, Salonee is your lady! Much love & light."

Petra P Inner Child Regression - Past Life Regression - Energy Attachment Release Therapy

"What Sal did in my Past Life Regression was incredible, it is something I reflect on every day. She helped me to embrace my power, and defeat 'the bad man' who had been stopping me from moving forward in my life. Sal helped me step into the warrior within, embrace who I am and ultimately never allow anyone to step over my boundaries again. I have so much love and respect for her, and am truly blessed to work with her on this subject."

Claire A Past Life Regression Therapy

"I had a fantastic past life regression with Sal which tackled some deeply rooted and unexplained fears. As a result all the symptoms associated with this disappeared. Sal is warm hearted, compassionate, solid and thorough in her approach. I wholeheartedly recommend Sal as a therapist to get you to where you want to be. Thank you Sal :-)"

Isabelle G Past Life Regression Therapy

"Past life regression and craniosacral therapy Salonee had cleared the space with reiki symbols and essential oils, and I was relaxed before we had even started. She explained what was going to happen (a simple hypnosis followed by a guided journey into past lives) and gave me the options of taking a break or stopping at anytime. We explored different time periods and Salonee guided me expertly with her questions, making sure that I took all the messages I needed from past lives. It was a very intense experience and I felt the exhaustion in my limbs afterwards. Seamlessly, Salonee gave me craniosacral therapy, intentionally choosing those holds which are grounding. I emerged fully relaxed having been in a dream like state. Salonee's years of counselling shine through as she talks you through what may be your biggest concern or fear and she does it all with love. Please go and see her."

Maya A Past Life Regression Therapy

"For those interested in different types of healings, I wanted to share my experience of having a past life Regression session with Salonee. It was a really fascinating and healing experience, which I didn’t expect. It gave me insight into big themes I struggle with, particularly fear which has been a powerful and inhibiting force in my life. It provided me with a sense of clarity as to why I may have this and has helped me start to rebalance power more consciously. Initially i was In two minds wether to have it or not as I was anxious about hypnosis and not feeling in control. I spoke to Salonee about this and her warmth, knowledge and experience made me feel really safe. Her process was so therapeutic which I wasn’t expecting, and she actually brought everything into a full circle for me."

AA Past Life Regression Therapy

"I have been feeling I have issues about my life purpose why I am here? Sal made me feel so at ease with the discussion before the regression & also whilst bringing me into the session. The regression brought me to a life in France were I was some sort of crusader, not very happy with the life & seeing it as pointless, as being betrayed by people in authority. I was brought forward to when I died & the relief of being released from that time. Felt an amazing sense of peace when dying in the regression. Sal then brought me back to when I first started training for this life & the excitement I had felt at that age. By going back through the various stages of that life Sal made me realise the emotions I had gone through in that life & how I could learn from that time. Words or phrases I brought up matched how i had been feeling in this life. After this regression I have felt much clearer about my direction & have kept that feeling of peace with me still..."

Marlena H Past Life Regression Therapy

"I did an energy/spirit release with Sal a few weeks ago as I had been dealing with a lot of anxiety, physical symptoms and depression. It was hard for me to be productive or motivated. Already during my consultation with her I felt at ease and well looked after. She intuitively recommended this form of therapy and I had trust in her assessment. The session was very intense for me, but in a good way. Sal‘s voice calmly guided me through the experience and I released 3 spirits within one session! In the next month i went through major transformations in all areas in which I had previously had difficulties with! I now have so much more energy and I really feel like I have released things that were blocking me and holding me back and it’s continuing to this day! Even if you are not spiritual, I have full confidence that Sal can make it work to your benefit! I will recommend her to everyone who is seeking any form of transformation!"

Kim M Energy Attachment Release Therapy

"I attended Sal’s past regression sessions in February for 5 weeks. I didn’t know what to expect initially, but i loved it. The sessions have really helped me to be a much calmer person. This is something that I’ve struggled with quite a lot, as i find it hard to relax usually. The sessions have really helped me to relax a lot more now, so thank you Sal! Also, I’ve learnt a great deal about myself and why things have happened the way they have spiritually! Would recommend Sal to everyone. She is so insightful, friendly and just such a lovely person. Thank you Sal for helping me and look forward to doing more sessions in the future!!"

Devina M Group Soul Journeying Workshop

"I am always exploring things in the spiritual world and therefore am quite open to these kind of treatments. Salonee did an energy attachment release treatment for me and truly amazed me. I was feeling stuck and not progressing in life, she released old energies that were attached to me which have helped me to move on. I have been able to control my diet along with other things I didn’t have will power for before and has helped me think more positively. Within two weeks I feel I am back on track with my goals. Thank you Salonee, I am so glad I came to you."

Krutika K Energy Attachment Release Therapy

"I couldn’t recommend Spacious Wings Therapies more. I referred someone I mentor to Salonee as they’d been struggling to get over an issue for several months and I’d got to a point of real concern about them. One visit to Salonee for Energy Attachment Release Therapy and they’re literally a changed person. I have no idea what Salonee did but I’m so grateful to her for changing this person’s life around. I’d recommend anyone who’s struggling or knows someone who is to contact her and see how she can help. She’s a miracle worker."

Kate H Energy Attachment Release Therapy

"I highly recommend Sal and give her 5 stars. She is a great therapist. I wanted to try a Past Life Regression with her. I found her professional, very warm and friendly. She made excellent arrangements for the room where I had the session. She made me feel safe and comfortable to be open to the experience and, hence, get the maximum benefit from it. The techniques she used were very effective. I gained some detailed insight into some issues I’ve had. I’ve already benefitted from that insight as well as some affirmations she suggested."

Uttara S Past Life Regression Therapy

"I had an energy release and a childhood regression with Salonee to explore blocks and attachments in my life. I've been left with an inner peace and my goal for the work was for me to feel lightness. Salonee made me feel extremely comfortable in the sessions. She's passionate and a mindful practitioner. She provided me with a write up after the session which was also very helpful. It’s deeply important to feel safe with the therapist you work with because this work requires you to put your trust in them and Salonee was certainly able to do this."

Ms A Inner Child Regression - Past Life Regression - Energy Attachment Release Therapy

"Sal was highly recommended by a friend so I thought I would give her a call to see if I could have a few sessions on past/current regression. We first had a phone consultation and by talking to her over the phone gave me a better idea of why I wanted it done and what I wanted to work on. After filling out a detailed form we went over it covering what was needed to get me prepared for my first session with her. Her kind, friendly positive talk made me look forward to my one out of three sessions. I had come in with no expectations at all and had the mind set to go with the flow. All sessions was in a very comfortable room and she made me feel at ease straight away. The first session ended up being very emotional which I was not expecting and managed to address a few issues that have always been with me. She was fantastic by talking all the way through where you feel you are in a very safe environment and knowing that you can trust her. At the end of the session I could not believe what had happened as things started to fall into place on why certain things have been in my personal life. It made me see things with more clarity and I left looking forward to my next season. Each of my sessions was very different to the other but I feel I have got the results that I was looking for. Of course i could go on and have many more but these sessions was a great stepping stone to start with. You feel completely emotionally drained by each session but when you wake up the next day you have a feeling inside you knowing you’re taking the next step to self love and self care and Sal has very much helped me on my journey on just that."

Anonymous Inner Child Regression - Past Life Regression - Energy Attachment Release Therapy

"I had always wanted past to explore life regression. I had to find out about my fears and why it was holding me back. I came across Spacious wings at an event and I contacted Salonee a few days later. I explained to Salonee what I was looking for. From my very first phone call to Salonee I felt at ease with her. She was lovely and warm. I was very nervous about meeting her, but I didn’t have to be as she instantly made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I had two sessions with Salonee. In the first session, Salonee worked on these energies that were blocking me and I also had some hypnosis to help me relax further. In my next session we explored my inner child and fears and how to let these fears go and move forward. Both sessions with Salonee were incredibly helpful. Thank you Salonee in helping me."

Sonia S Inner Child Regression - Past Life Regression - Energy Attachment Release Therapy


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